Friday, May 20, 2011

Catwalk gradient

It is another gradient Friday! I had recently bought ColorClub Catwalk Queen Set so I decided to take it out and make a gradient with the colors. However, to my demise, I realized someone had switched out 2 of the colors (Fashion Addict – the holo!! and Front Row Diva). How inconsiderate is that? Not only do I not have 2 of the colors from the set, but now I dont even know what colors they are since they do not have labels. Polish Addicts, help me out here with the names?

I used Color Club Runway Muse as my base coat, a pearlescent pink/silver with a hint of aqua duochrome. This color is really quite pretty; I forgot to take a picture by itself. Next, I layered 2 more ColorClub colors on (nameless since of the switcheroo). First is a creamy pink that might be Vintage Couture, but it looks a bit darker. Lastly, at the tips is a pretty cream grape purple.

Finally, I used Konad plate M64 with their special shimmery purple polish to stamp on some flowers just so I could see how it would look like over a gradient. I am actually quite pleased with the result. It is almost the long weekend! Have a great one!

PS- You may have noticed that I have added some FOLLOW ME buttons on the left hand side. My wonderful friend helped me with those, don't they look great? You can now also follow me on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

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