Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Pink Gradient

Valentine's is a holiday I enjoy immensely, not for the commercialized flowers and chocolates, but because everything is red and pink and hearts are dangling from everywhere! I didn't want to overload everyone with too many valentine's designs, but I think it is close enough to valentine's day to show you an official one (if you have been paying attention, I started posting pink colored polish swatches/designs since Jan 26 – minus Princess Sabra, teehee...subtle eh?). I decided to pull out some pinks that I have not used/rarely used from my Helmer drawer and do a pink Valentine's Day gradient. I would consider this a glitter blending gradient as you need a bit of dry time in between each color.

I started out with one coat of Essie Ballet Slippers, which is a sheer light cream pink polish. Next, on the top 2/3 of my nails, I used OPI Aphrodite's Pink Nightie, which is a medium shimmery pink. Finally, on my top third of my nails, I used Revlon Posh Pink, which is a shimmery bright pink polish that is quite opaque. You should now see 3 separate colors on your nails with some harsh lines, but don't worry, the next step will blend them all away! Use a tinted pink glitter polish and paint 2 coats of this over your nails. This will blend away all harsh lines making your nails have the soft gradient effect. I used 2 coats of OPI And This Little Piggy... To finish off your look, paint/apply/stick on hearts on each nail. I picked out the hearts from Nicole by OPI Love your Life and applied them using an orange stick. Seal this manicure off with a coat of Seche Vite and you are all set for a night of fun!
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  1. that's a really pretty colour. reminds me of girls luscious lips. mmmm.

    maybe the same thing with brighter red might make it look more sexy.

    1. that's a good idea! Maybe i'll try it soon....haha. so many things on my to do list!


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