Monday, April 9, 2012

Fun Nail Sets

Remember back when I posted about Beauty World's awesome nail cocktail sets here, here, and here? Well, on my recent trip to Hong Kong, I discovered that they have been making more awesome sets that included some nail art tools and better instructions as well. Aren't these a good idea? People are so smart at marketing...and I am such a sucker for marketing.
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  1. Really cute...I dont think I could resist either!

  2. Really love BW. I bought few of their cocktails. <3

    1. I actually did a review on it on my old blog but have since deleted it. I forgotten which one it was. But I bought a few of their gradient nail cocktails when I was still living in Singapore as they were cheap.!

    2. Oh I forgotten to add.. mine was with the golden glitters not the silver ones :)

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