Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fuzzy fingers : Ciate Velvet Manicure

Life has been pretty crazy, but with summer coming to an end (sad!), I will hopefully be able to post a little bit more. The trend of adhering objects to our nails is still going on, and ciate has taken things to a new level with their new velvet manicures sets. I was very curious about how this would work, so I picked up a set when I had the time. The set I chose is the burgundy-purple set with the Cabaret polish. The set comes with a plastic rectangular container to hold the crushed velvet when youre sprinkling, a little black brush, crushed velvet in a shaker bottle, and the polish itself. Cabaret is a beautiful deep purple-burgundy polish that was opaque in 2 coats. The best way to get the velvet to stick is to sprinkle it right when you apply the 2nd coat, so you should do each finger one at a time. Also, give it a bit of time to set before you brush off the excess with the black brush, otherwise it streaks and pulls some of the velvet powder off.
Pros: Very unique / texture DOES feel like velvet / easy to apply and remove
Cons: Velvet gets worn down easily / price
Overall, I liked this polish set and there is nothing else in my collection like this, so I was pleased. Hope this helps you make a decision in whether you want to purchase it or not. 
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  1. does it feel velvety? think it will go really well with winter fabrics!

    1. It does feel velvety. Moreso on the first 2 days, then it wears down a bit but still fun


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