Friday, November 30, 2012

Gradient Friday : Breaking Dawn

If you are a follower on my instagram and twitter, you know that I was extremely excited to find the essence Twilight: Break Dawn part 2 line at my local Shoppers. I picked up all 4 colors so it's only fitting that I used one for this week's gradient Friday. I decided to use Jacobs protection, a deep blue jelly polish with blue, silver and purple fine glitter, as my base. The formulation on this polish was a bit goopy and was a bit hard to apply. I added a few drops of my nail thinner (Seche Restore) and then it applied better. This polish takes a while to dry, so you need to be patient and not move around too much. I used China Glaze Angel Wings on my accent finger and also for my sponge gradient. Happy Friday! 
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  1. Ah this is really pretty, it reminds me of the Loreal nail wraps that came out earlier in the year.

    1. thanks lucy! I haven't seen the loreal wraps, have you tried them? Do they work well?


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