Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ladybug party

I was invited to a cute ladybug themed party recently, so I thought it was only suiting that I did a mani to match! I used Zoya Carmen (swatch seen here) as my base coat and then used Milani Nail Art in Black to draw my ladybugs. I used Sally Hansen Nail Art pens in white to add the dots. I thought my thumb looked a little bare, so I added a leaf using Milani Nail Art Green Sketch and Black.

I took some pictures of the party favors and cupcake decorations. They are all homemade! Arent they adorable? Thanks so much for reading. It has been a crazy week.

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  1. How funny-I did a green mani the other day and it looked just like a green ladybug!! But I wasn't trying-it was just a lame choice of stamps and color combo!!

  2. a lady bug party how cute. now i want to eath sweet candy things. love the nails.

  3. @Fingers: haha, sometimes the nicest designs come from suddenly inspired choices!

    @Pretty: the sweets were yummmmy.


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