Sunday, September 12, 2010

Across the universe

I went down to the states last week and was fortunate enough to pick up Lippman Across the Universe. Across the universe was released for this fall, along with Bad Romance (which was sold out). This nail polish is a gorgeous deep blue with jelly consistency with awesome glitter and sequins. The application for this nail polish was quite smooth and it took 3 coats for the polish to be opaque. I found that 3 coats also worked well with even distribution of the gorgeous glitter flakes as well. Although the nail polish is on the higher price point (US $18), I think it's definitely worth it as it is a gorgeous nail color for the fall.

Happy polishing!

PS - sorry for the bad picture, it's rainy hard outside and I still need to buy a tripod.
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  1. finally got it!!!! i wish u got the bad romance too - those would have been a killer duo

    miss you!! xo

  2. D-
    I miss you lots too. Why did you have to go so far :(


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