Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shall We Dance

I have heard good things about the Sally Hansen complete SALON Manicure line, so I was curious to try it. One of my best friends was kind enough to pick up 2 of the colors for me so here’s the first one! Shall We Dance is a very pretty sheer baby pink color that I thought would be nice for French manicures. However, when I say sheer, I mean REALLY SHEER. I’m not sure if I had to leave more time in between coats or perhaps used a white base coat beforehand because I could not achieve opacity. I’m wearing 5 (or 6? I lost count) coats in the picture, and even though I thought I had let it dry enough, I still managed to somehow scratch my middle finger. I was too frustrated to start over, so please forgive me. Although the sheerness of the nail color disappointed me, the formulation and the brush did not. The formulation applied very smoothly and evenly and I was quite happy with it. The brush itself was fantastic. It may even be one of my favourite polish brushes! It has a slighted pointed middle part which makes it easier to stay on the nail and not paint outside the cuticle, making clean-up a lot easier. It’s a shame that the color was so sheer; hopefully the other color will be more pigmented. Fingers crossed.

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