Saturday, September 18, 2010

Midnight Ride

I was supposed to post this up yesterday, but due to a little accident which took a lot of time to clean up, I couldn't post it up until today. Midnight Ride
is from China Glaze fall 2008 Rodeo Diva collection. I had accidently bought this online instead of First Class Ticket so when it arrived, I was a little confused to why it was so much darker. Nevertheless, Midnight Ride is still a really nice dark purple that looks semi-black indoors and more purple and sparkly outdoors. I'm wearing 2 coats for this polish because it is very pigmented which is quite nice. This polish aside from the sparkles remind me a lot of my OPI Licoln Park After Dark - what do you think? I will do a comparison soon. The first was taken outdoors in semi-sunshine without flash and the second is taken indoors with flash.

I decided to add a design to them before I went out for the night yesterday so I did a simple decorative French tip. I used OPI Alpine Snow as the base for the tips and OPI Black Onyx on top as an added design. I used Konad Plate M44 for the tip design and I really liked the results.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures! Thanks for dropping by~
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