Sunday, November 7, 2010


As promised here is the second part of my Sally Hansen HD color review. Spectrum is a gorgeous light shimmery blue. It really is a pretty color albeit more on the sheer side, and does not provide as much coverage as Resolution. This formulation was pretty good, not super smooth, but not streaky either. The sparkles are a little harder to take off, but this is true of most sparkle nail polishes. This to me is a nice sky blue and reminds me of summer days. This took 3 thicker coats to be opaque. What do you think of this color? Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Very pretty! I like this color, but not nearly as much as Laser or DVD.

  2. I own this polish and I love it.

    It looks great on you. :)

  3. @Zara: I haven't tried Laser, but DVD is a bit sheer for me!

    @Ice Queen: Thanks! It's such a pretty colour


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