Friday, December 31, 2010


Hi all – I am back from my vacation and it is great to be home. I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas holiday and have spent some quality time with your loved ones. Here is a swatch and design I did once I got back because I was so eager to try out the new Konad plate I bought!
Joe Imperial
is a gorgeous deep purple shimmer that comes from their Christmas trio set. It takes 2 coats to be opaque but I put on three because I saw some streaks. The brush still takes some time getting used to as it is a bit stubby but the color is undeniably gorgeous. I used Konad Special Nail Polish in white to stamp a design on after from plate m64. I really like this pattern and it is one of the main reasons I chose this plate.
Happy New Year’s everyone! What nail colour will you be wearing to ring in the New Year?

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