Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sephora by OPI Swatch Part IV

Last row for the Sephora by OPI set! Are you ready? It is full of shimmer. Here it comesFrom left to right, 3 coats each unless otherwise specified:

Leaf Him at the Altar – a nice shimmery leafy green

Mermaid to Order – reminds me of mermaid scales; shimmery aqua blue color

Opening Night – GORGEOUS shimmery dark blue that reminds me of the night sky

Already Famous – shimmery gold/silver color that seems appropriate for the name albeit a bit sheer (4)

Dating the Drummer – Nice shimmery dark brown color

2nd picture – ring finger

Never enough shoes – very nice shimmery black, reminds me of a magic cape J

Phew! All done! What do you think now readers? Will you splurge for this set? The last row was my favourite I think, but most of the colors I would definitely wear. Will this be on your Christmas wishlist?

PS - I had a party this week and my secret santa got me the Glee season 1 gift set. It is awesomeness in a box.

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