Saturday, December 11, 2010

Water Marbling with Vaseline

Here are 2 water marble designs that I tried a couple weeks back, sorry for the lack of clean up around the nails, I was too excited to wait and take pictures! This time I covered my fingers with Vaseline and this method seemed to work the best. Previously, I had tried taping my fingers here, and using cuticle oil here. For both water marbles, I used Sally Hansen White On as my base coat.

For the blue water marble, I combined Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money and Sally Hansen Xtreme Ivy league together. For the pink water marble, I used Nox Sangria and Sally Hansen Xtreme Twisted pink. I find that most Sally Hansen Xtremes work really well for water marbling and it is a cheaper nail polish to boot, so even though you are using more nail polish than usual, it is not that bad.

PS – I finally got my hands on Nox nail polish! Who knew twilight could contribute such a nice color and packaging? The silver crest on the bottle makes it look so pretty.

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  1. these are gorgeous! i found vaseline to be the worst option for me! i only do marbling now when i use fake nails because its so much easier.

    congrats on figuring it out though xD

  2. thanks! hmm...vaseline i thought worked the best, as in easy clean up and easy prep. If you are only concerned about clean up then tape works by far the best but it takes more time I find :D

  3. vaselene is good if used properly. use a decent amount .. but not too much also, preferably with a cotton bud.


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