Sunday, January 16, 2011

Helmer love

I finally gave in a bought a helmer! I absolutely love it. I can organize all my nail polishes by color now. I don’t remember why I didn’t buy one earlier. Whee! I spent the rest of the day building it (all by myself J) and organizing my polishes. However, the downside of this is the awareness of some colors that I definitely lack and the amount of space still left inside…which can only lead to more polish shopping. Attached is a picture of a mini haul to get me started on filling some of the empty space…oh my.

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  1. Any reason for a mini-haul, right? LOL Enjoy filling your Helmer. How long did it take you to put together?

  2. @ Megan: You know me oh-so-well :) It took me around 30 mins to put together the Helmer but it's also because I had to disassemble on part because I put it on wrong/


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