Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowflake Water Marbling

It is snowing here again! This is one of the reasons I love winter. Snow is so gorgeous. Light, fine, fluffy, untouched snow is the best kind of snow there is. In celebration of snow day, I wanted to water marble some snowflake designs on my nails. However, to my disappointment, my nails are still too stubby at the moment, so the design did not actually show on my nail. I still liked how it turned out though, and the color scheme and sparkles still remind me of snowflakes. Maybe next time I will make a smaller snowflake in my water and attempt it again.

I used JOE Dupioni, a shimmery white, as my base coat. For my water marble design, I used Sally Hansen Xtreme in White On and Blue me Away!. Afterwards, I used Nubar Pixie Dust as a top coat to add a shimmery winter look to my snowflakes. I debated using jewels for the intersections, but decided against it. Instead I took silver circular flakes and added one onto each finger.

Which season/holiday is your favourite dear readers?

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  1. this one came out beautifully :) the pattern looks great!

    You're lucky you got a snow day, I had to battle the snow this morning to get to work :(

  2. Love it!! I always come to a road block when it comes to pairing colors for a water marble. I might try a pink and white later this week.

  3. This is so pretty - I still don't get how to do water marbling loL!

  4. @ Danielle: Thanks :) I hope you got work safely!

    @ Megan: you can never go wrong with pink and white - color combinations are always trial and error with me

    @ Lucy: I'll make another tutorial soon! What did you want me to be more specific upon?

  5. This is so pretty!!! I love it :) The blue and white together is gorgeous! I would love to try water marbling someday :)


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