Friday, July 29, 2011

Wet Summer Gradient Tutorial

For today's gradient Friday, here is a tutorial on how to do last week's gradient.

Prep: Choose 2 or 3 similar shade colors, one sparkle top, clear nail polish/top coat

1. Paint your nails using your lightest shade polish. I used 2 coats of SkinFood OR004. Let dry.

2. Using your darker shade polish, paint a thick line near the top of your finger.

3. IMMEDIATELY, take your top coat and brush downwards lightly towards the lighter shade. Brush all the way down to where you want it.

4. Repeat step 3, if you want to add another color. Paint a much thinner line this time, very close to your fingertips.Do not worry if it looks a bit lumpy. The finish product will not be.

5. Add your sparkly top coat for a more blended look. Apply a top coat and you are now done! Your nails should now be smooth.

Hope this helped!

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