Friday, August 5, 2011

Hawaiian Holographic Gradient

I am back from Hawaii with an inspired gradient for all of you! The trip was great and I took so many photos. Hopefully I can translate some of my gorgeous photos into nail art for you all. This one is inspired by the colors on the side during the middle phase of sunrise which I got to enjoy in Haleakala National Park at 10000 feet elevation.

I used Milani 3D Holographic Cyberspace as my base coat. This took 2 medium coats to be opaque but the formulation was smooth. Next I painted Milani 3D Holographic Digital on the top half of my nail and used Wet N Wild Clear Nail Protector to blend it in. I picked up both of these nail polishes in Hawaii as I do not have anything from the 3D Holographic line from Milani.

Finally, for the design, I stamped on a Hawaiian flower using BM16 on my ring finger with Wet N Wild Black Crème. On the rest of the fingers, I painted palm tree leaves using Milani Nail Art in Black Sketch 703. This has to be one of the best nail art brushes I have used thus far. The polish did not overload the brush, it was easy to handle and it painted nice crisp lines. I love this!

Hope you got to enjoy some sun as well Polish Addicts, wherever you all are!

Milani Nail Art Black Sketch was sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Those polishes look awesome, great inspiration!

  2. Beautiful just like the pic I need to pick up that art pen.

  3. love love love the gradient, the colours go so well together :)

  4. @Silence is Loud: thanks hun! Your comment seemed to have disappeared though :P

    @ rock-or-not: thanks! I like it too. It will stay for at least...2 days lol.

    @Danielle: nature is wonderful for inspiration!

    @Beauxs mom: you should pick up one! They have quite a good basic color collection

    @whimsical.glam: thanks :) the holos mixed together perfectly

    @Kelli Kat: Thanks!


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