Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Magnetic Purple Magic

I am so excited to show you this nails inc. magnetic polish! I have been waiting for this polish ever since I first saw the promo pictures. This gorgeous dark magnetic polish is called houses of parliament. To apply magnetic polish you first have to put on one coat and let it dry. Next, you will have to polish each finger one at a time. Put on a second thicker coat and IMMEDIATELY put the magnet on top of it. Hold this for 10 secs. Lift up the magnet and put on a top coat. Repeat for the rest of the fingers. Remember that you will have to do each finger individually when the polish is still wet.

I love the application of this polish and the design of the bottle. This polish comes with the magnet and the cap is removable for ease of use. There is also a cuticle ledge on the cap so it makes it easier for you to hover the magnet on top of your finger without touching the polish itself. The effect of this polish is super mesmerizing and I would definitely recommend for you to pick one up!

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  1. wow this sounds/looks soo cool!

  2. I saw this craze awhile ago and my god do I love how it looks on you! I harsh creeped your work through Jen's blog, and I'm loving what I see! I need to pick up a trick or two from you :)

  3. @joyce*: it's a lot of fun too!

    @Jess: I definitely don't mind this type of creeping! Thanks for dropping by! This polish is so much fun. I'm thinking of buying a back up already...haha

  4. Wow this is so cool, time to splurge for magnetic polish! I'm surprised I don't have a single one in my collection. Then again, I'm supposed to be on a no-buy hehe! Love it on you Carmen! :)

  5. Oh WOW!! Your swatches look SOOOO much better than when I tried this polish in Sephora. It makes me wanna get it now!! I saw one post where someone used the magnet vertically instead and it looked really neat! xx

  6. @Wan: You definitely need one for your collection! Did you get one for Christmas?

    @Prettyfulz: thanks for the compliment! I will definitely try different magnetic directions in the future..


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