Tuesday, October 11, 2011

For the Metro Gal...

Recently, there was a deal for a mani and pedi near me, so I thought I would go since my heels are still quite dry from Hawaii. The massage, scrubs, and moisturizing treatments were good but the polish application left a bit to be desired. Also, due to this visit, my nails have become nubbins. So please bear with me as I swatch with nail wheels and think of cute short nail designs!

Here are some quick swatches some colors from China Glaze Metro line. The formulations on these were good, and all four required 3 coats to be opaque. From left to right: Urban Night (a pretty reddish purple cream, reminds me a bit of eggplant) / Midtown Magic (brownish black with red, gold, and green shimmer) / CG in the City (clear base with purplish hue and multicoloured glitter) / Skyscraper (medium blue with blue and silver glitter)

For a look at another CG Metro color, click here. I love this one the most!

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  1. A store at my school is selling these (yes my school sells nail polish) and I could never decide which ones I wanted. Now I really want Skyscraper :)

  2. lovely blog, please follow mine? :D


  3. @ whimsicalglam: no way. What school do you go to? sign me up! haha. Skyscraper is gorgeous!

    @lucyclark;D: done :D


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