Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cute Cherries Mani

This is OPI Pink-O De Gallo. Look how sheer this color is. I can see so much nail bed. I'm not a huge fan of sheer polishes, but they do make a good base for French manicures. I'm wearing 3 coats in this picture with a base coat underneath. The application for this polish was smooth and no major problems occurred.

Top: Indoor picture; Bottom: Outdoor picture

I decided to switch it up and take a photograph of my right hand (adventurous eh? ;)) You would not believe how hard it was to hold my camera with my left hand. I really need a tripod. Anyways, I saw a similar design in a nails magazine and decided to recreate it for the summer since cherries are selling everywhere in BC right now. To do this mani, paint a basic French manicure. The base color I used is
OPI Pink-O De Gallo, an
d OPI Alpine Snow for the tips. Afterwards, choose 2 fingers to paint on any fruit of your choice. I would only recommend you to choose 2 nails to paint the fruit on because otherwise it may look a little overwhelming. I chose my index and my fourth finger, but you can chose your thumb and your pinkie or any other combination.

To paint the cherries:
1) Use a dotting tool/toothpick and draw a red circle on one side of your finger. Next, draw another smaller circle right beside the first one. (I used Essie Really Red)
2) Draw a thin black line from the middle of one red circle upwards, repeat for the other and connect tips of black lines together for the stems.
3) Finally, make little green dots at the top of the stems and drag it outwards to make a leaf (I used SkinFood BL002)

To do the polkadots:
1) Use a dark pink striping tool (ArtClub has nice colors) and draw a line underneath the white tips.
2)Finally, scatter pink dots on top of the white tips and you're done!
3) Finish off with a top coat.

Happy polishing! Thanks for stopping by :)
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  1. So cute and creative! Love it!!

  2. Cute!! Much better than the cherry mani I attempted a couple weeks back.

  3. Cute! I Want Some Cherries Now!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! I love fruit manis. :)


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