Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MAC Matte Military

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As promised, here is the second nail polish I picked up at the MAC counter from their Alice+Olivia line. Did you guess that it would be this one? Because I sure did not! I'm not a huge fan of matte polishes and I really love purples, so my plan was to get the purple and blue polish. However, once I walked in and saw the swatch in person, I instantly fell in love.

Matte Military is my first ever matte polish and if all matte polishes are like this one, I would definitely be willing to try more. The application of this polish was tricky at first because you had to have the right amount of polish on the brush in order for it to not be streaky. However, I got the hang of it, and after 3 coats, there are no streaks to be found! The feel of this on your nail is quite amazing. Although there are micro-glitters in the polish, you cannot feel them at all. It dries super fast and super smooth and I cannot stop touching the top of my nails. I tried removing the polish off as well, and there is no staining to be found (take note Morning After).

If the $14.50 price tag is a bit much for you, the good news is there are close dupes. 2 of the closest I've seen is Nubar Midnight Matte and Orly Iron Butterfly, both of which a slightly lighter.

Exam tomorrow, so I will do some nail art later. Thanks for reading!
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