Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dampened Spirit

It hasn’t been the best of weeks this past week and today was no different. I also found out that Ji has posted her finalist for her RBL competition and mine was not selected. I didn’t have high hopes that mine would be picked, but given the week of lows, it was still a disappointment. Nonetheless, I will share my entry with you here!

“Most girls have dreamed of being princesses and even as we grow older, a part of us still hold those memories fondly. Cinderella’s dress transformation has always seemed the most magical to me, and it is her dress that I base this color on. My dream nail polish color would be a light off-white based blue with pale pink iridescence and silver microshimmer. The picture doesn’t show exactly what I want my polish to look like, but if you use your imagination and put the two together and add some pink on top, it will come pretty close.”

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  1. keep smiling =) you have wonderful friends, wonderful family, and an amazing blog. keep up the good work!

  2. It was such a pretty idea you had ! I would totally love such a polish !


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