Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Too Hot Pink to Hold'em

The OPI Texas Collection has just come out so I wanted to see what the rage about their new “sorbet-like” shades was about. What does that even mean? I set out to find out. I bought OPI Too Hot Pink to Hold’em because I love pink. This polish is a lot sheerer than most OPI polishes, but builds up in color quite nicely. I am wearing 3 thick coats in the picture, but at 2 coats it was a bit lighter. It has more of a red undertone than most of my pinks so I’m not sure if it’s pink enough for my liking. However, the finish is undeniable gorgeous. I am not using any top coat and you can see how awesomely jelly and shiny it is! I am guessing this is what OPI meant by a “sorbet-like” finish. Click here to watch their video. It was hard capturing this color as it is a bit pinker in person and less red. First picture is taken indoors with flash, the other ones are taken other in the sun. Now I am debating if I should pick up some of the other coral/pinks in this collection…..what do you think of this “sorbet-like” finish?

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  1. I am still waiting to get my hands on these but from the swatches I've seen.. I really like the finish. Of course, I am newer to polish and have a smaller collection than some, and as such don't really already own a lot of jellies so this is new for me. I am excited to try these out!

  2. @ Jenny: I really like this sorbet finish. However, it does take longer to dry compared to other OPIs, I had to redo a couple fingers because it was not completely dried and I thought I had waited long enough.


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