Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sue Vs. Shue

Sue Vs. Shue (Sephora by OPI, Glee collection) is a dark shimmery blue. I really like the color as it is not as dark as OPI Russian Navy. It was opaque in two coats and application for this color was very smooth. I used CND Super Shiney as my top coat. Just for kicks, I layered Celibacy Club over this color as well. Polish addicts, what are some of your favourite dark blues?

*EDIT* this polish is a GLEE mini set exclusive

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  1. That is pretty, on it's own and with the sparkle.

    I love Orly La Playa, OPI Yogata Get This Blue. A couple of my fave dark blues. :D

  2. I love Russian Navy layered with Simmer & Shimmer! The name of this polish makes me giggle btw ...

  3. i love opi russian navy as well - plus passport blue from american apparel :)

  4. @Ice Queen: I'll have to check our La Playa! I'm pretty sure I have the OPI blue somewhere....

    @The Polish Parade: Simmer & Shimmer reminds me a bit of Mad as a Hatter!

    @D: I haven't tried passport blue! Miss you hun <3


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