Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Franken

This is my first ever franken! I have a huge lemming for RBL Bikini Bottom, but I missed their 50% off sale due to work and could not justify buying it. Therefore, to satisfy my lemming, I decided to look at swatches of the color and try making one myself. The color turned out pretty close and I am quite happy with the jelly look.

I used ¼ Sally Hansen Xtreme Clear, ¼ Sally Hansen Xtreme Blue me Away, and roughly ½ Sally Hansen White On.

What do you think polish addicts? It is not named yet either...any suggestions?

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  1. Oh how nice! What a pretty robin's egg blue!

  2. @ In Palace and Zara: Thanks :D

    @ Kee - robin's egg can I work that into a name? let me think...

  3. So pretty the perfect spring color I agree ^ robins egg is a perfect name!


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