Thursday, December 15, 2011

Polished Style: Studded

I am very excited to announce a new feature on my blog in which I will be collaborating with my friend Jen from herwaisechoice. She runs a very stylish fashion blog and her outfits are always styled impeccably. This feature will show you the pieces the manicure was inspired by, how the nail design can be worn in real life, and tutorials on how to create it yourself! I hope you will enjoy this feature as we are having lots of fun doing this! As all of you polish addicts know, your manicure is a great way to accessorize your outfit, so we are happy that we will hopefully be able to give you some ideas to do this. 
From left to right: OPI Black Onyx / Martha Steward microbeads in Florentine gold / Borghese Base & Top Coat
The look is pretty simple yet stunning. Here is a step by step tutorial.

Prep: Start off by painting your fingers with a black base coat. I used 2 coats of OPI Onyx.

1.  Choose an accent finger. Use a top coat (preferably not quick drying) and brush a thin layer on top.
2. While the polish is still wet, use tweezers (or an orange stick with a bit of clear polish at the end) and place the microbeads in a straight line down the middle of the nail.
3. Once you have your middle line in place, you can add either 1 or 2 lines on each side, depending on your preference. Alternate the beads and place each new bead beside but between two other beads. If you do this line by line, you will get the best result!
Seal this all off with a top coat and you are done! Easy right?

Hope you enjoyed week 1 of Polished Style. There will be more to come in the near future! For more clothing pairing options and everything fashion related, visit my friend Jen! Any suggestions for future posts are always welcomed. 
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  1. love this idea,can't wait to try it out myself since i love to paint my nails and this would give it a kick.
    thanks for sharing this!!!


  2. Loooove your nail tutorial. This is soo pretty. Great blog!


  3. Very cool!! I look forward to seeing more posts from this feature! :D

  4. This was done by The Nailasaurus awhile ago-still looks cool here too!

  5. Where does one get Martha Steward (Stewart?) microbeads? At Michael's?

  6. @Carina: Let me know how it turns out!

    @1to24: it gives a surprise element for sure :)

    @Jacquelyn: thanks! I'll go check yours out too.

    @Ashesela: more coming soon!

    @Fingers: great minds must think alike!

    @Aaron: :P

    @kathygko: Yes! You can get them at Michaels. That's where I got mine. Use your 50% off coupon!


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