Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gaga for you

This is my entry for this week's challenge by PolishHoarderDisorder. The criteria was to translate a song onto your nails and there were many great entries!

I had fun making this manicure, although I had to sift through my nail polishes for the right gold color that I wanted. For the gold base manicures, first paint on a gold base until opaque, then use a paint brush and design leopard spots on top. You can also use a Konad plate if you choose, but the color will not be as intense. Next, line the top and bottom of the nail with a black striping polish. For the other fingers, paint a base of black polish. Next, choose a blueish-green and paint 3 quarters of the nail leaving a quarter of the bottom nail black. I used 2 coats. Apply jewels if wanted :)

The nail polishes I used:
Gold: The Body Shop Golden Winter Sun (Christmas limited edition from a couple years back)
Black: OPI Black Oynx
ArtClub Striping Black Hologram
Blueish-Green: MAC Morning.After

Thanks for reading!
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  1. wth! i posted a comment on this before!!

    i wrote, this may be my favourite design of yours! xoxox yay for nail partay!

  2. @ D: weird - comments are disappearing? thanks hun! i had fun with this one :D


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