Tuesday, August 10, 2010

She's a dream

Indoor photo

Outdoor photo - cloudy

I already had on the manicure from the wedding and I really liked the color so I decided to do something fun with it. This nail design was inspired by the song She's a Dream by the Backstreet Boys (click to listen). I went to the concert this weekend and it was absolutely fantastic. This was my first striping nail design and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I criss-crossed the ribbon and put jewels on the intersections.

Some tips if you are thinking of using striping ribbon:
1) Leave a little bit of extra ribbon on each end before you trim it, this will help it stick on better
2) Remember to cut the ribbon as close to the nail as possible when you are trimming to avoid the ends from lifting up.
3) Use 2 coats of top coat
4) Add jewels/nail stickers in between the two top coats if needed

Hope you enjoyed the design! Leave a comment to tell me if using striping ribbon is something you would try :) Thanks for reading~
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  1. Cute! The ribbon looks great on that color.

  2. Super Cute !Will Have To Try A DIY!

  3. @ Megan: I also bought purple and black ribbon as well...what to match with the purple one? Any suggestions?

    @ Simple Beauty: Yes you should! it's a little frustrating at first but it gets better


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