Thursday, August 19, 2010

Handpicked for me

This is the first mini Sephora by OPI polish that I've tried and swatched. It is a very pretty lilac pink color that I really like. This is called Handpicked for Me and it's from their modern flower collection that was released this spring. I bought the mini set which includes 3 other colors because I wanted to try them all out and separately they retail for $9 each.

The application on this was a little harder than usual due to the fact that the brush is a lot smaller. I think this is avoided when you buy the full size product. The polish was not as pigmented as I thought it would be, and it took 4 coats to achieve no VNL. Also, I found that you had to leave as little more time in between coats for the polish to dry and I smudged my thumb in the picture while I was trying to take a picture, even though I left ample time in between. Otherwise, the application was smooth and the color is gorgeous.

I am holding a new dress I bought on ASOS. They are an online fashion store based in the UK. They are having a massive sale on many clothing items right now, so go on and take a look! BEWARE: sizing is a bit different in the UK, so be careful. Another cool feature is you can view the clothing item use choose by clicking on "view catwalk" and a model will model that item for you so you can see how it looks on!

That's all for today :) Happy polishing and shopping to y'all ~ thanks for dropping by.
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  1. i definitely keep picking up this colour whenever i visit Sephora. too bad about the lack of opacity; it's such a pretty colour! it looks great on you!

  2. @ la llacquer: thanks! It's such a gorgeous color...i think i can deal with the lack of opacity :D haha.


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