Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Feathered Mani

I saw this on a couple blogs and decided to try it out myself because it looked so awesome. The feathering process was easier than I thought it would be and the results turned out pretty well.

To feather your nails, you need a good top coat, some feathers, and a base coat. I used China Glaze Pelican Gray as my base coat. The formulation was smooth and easy to handle. I love the color and it was opaque in 2 coats. This is the first time I have taken a picture of both hands so you could see the full effect. Having statement nails like these can really dress up an outfit and brings some fun and style into everyday clothes!

I will do a tutorial on this soon. I still need to edit and it takes me awhile. Write more soon polish addicts!

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  1. Oh wow! I am so doing this for my easter manicure!! If you show us how to, that is... ^^

  2. SO COOL!!!! man i wanna do this!

  3. i think this is my favourite all time from ur patterns!!!! <3

  4. OMG! How did you do that? they look really good!

  5. @Skulda, Manicure Addict, Honey_Lili: Thanks :D

    @Lannalinnea, Ichigobunnie, Aimee: Tutorial is now up! If you still have questions, feel free to ask! Let me know when you try it out!

    @ In Palace, D: Thanks hun!

  6. OMG! I just did a feather mani too! My feathers were hot pink with polka dots! I don't think they came off of the bird like that ;) but if they did... I would have to get that bird for a pet! Lol


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