Monday, April 11, 2011

Newspaper blues

Astor Fash'n Studio 29 is a nail polish my sister picked up for me when she went to Germany. It is a really pretty jelly blue and I really liked the color. The formulation was not the best however. It was very streaky and it took 3 thick coats to cover up most of the streaks and make it opaque. The brush also dragged the polish when I was applying it, making application even more difficult. The color is undeniably gorgeous though.

The next day, I tried the newspaper nail technique I have been reading so much about. It showed up better in pictures than it did on my nail. I kind of like this. Next time I will try using a darker ink print newspaper to see if the results will come out better.

That is it for today polish addicts! Swatch more soon.

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  1. love it! i was gonna suggest u do the newspaper print...cuz i saw it on a while back...glad u did...cuz now u can teach mee:D yayS!

  2. you should try doing this with a light shade of pink?


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