Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stripes of Purple

When I first heard about Justin Bieber collaborating with Nicole by OPI, I rolled my eyes. It is a great marketing scheme and I knew they would sell but I did not foresee myself buying any. Unfortunately, when swatches started appearing online, I fell in love with a couple of the colors. I debated for a long time whether I could justify buying it, but when it was on sale and some proceeds went to Pencils of Promise, I justified it and went to buy them.

I'm a Belieber is a very pretty cream purple. It is perfect for spring and fits nicely into my purple collection. It applied smoothly and was opaque in 2 normal/thick coats.

I decided to stripe my nails with 2 colors that I thought would look nice and also give an idea of how it compares to other purples.

For my middle stripe, I used Dr.'s Remedy Vigor Violet. It is a pretty violet color that has a stronger blue undertone. It applied smoothly and I only used a coat for my design.

Lastly, I used OPI Done out in Deco for my last stripe and sealed it all with my Seche Vite top coat.

Thanks for reading and have a great day polish addicts!

PS- I need a new light for my light box...any suggestions?

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  1. Beautiful!! I love purple and this mani is perfect!!

  2. @ Silence is Loud: thanks! It worked out better than I thought.

    @In Palace: Thanks thanks :)

    @Morgan: You're too kind!


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