Sunday, October 17, 2010

Floral Tips

Here is another tip design that I decided to try so I could let my nails breathe a little again. I used Revlon 185 Lilac as my French tip because it gave a nice subtle color. Click here for the nail polish review. Next I painted 3 diagonal stripes with my striping nail polishes from ArtClub. The colors I used were Sea Lavender, Lilac, and White. Afterwards, before they dried, I ran my dotting tool from the inside of the diagonal to the outside of my nail to create this design (a toothpick works too!). This design reminds me of a flower, but I cannot put my finger on which type...any thoughts? Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Very pretty! It looks like a flower to me, too, but I don't know what kind either.

  2. @ Zara: i still can't think of which flower...


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