Saturday, October 9, 2010

Glamorous Sparkles

I love sparkles and if you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you the same. Therefore, the last time I was in a nail supply store, I bought a bottle of fine silver glitter to use for my nails in the future. This is my first attempt in using sparkles as tips, so feel free to give me any suggestion! I used OPI Bubble Bath as my base coat. The formulation is good and I used 2 coats in the picture because I wanted it to look more natural. The first picture shows my left hand, in which I dipped my nail into the glitter pot and shook off the excess. The second picture shows my right hand, in which I painted the glitter on with my clear polish (1 layer of glitter). Which one do you like more?

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  1. So pretty! I think I like the left more bc you were able to put more glitter on!

  2. I like the first one, it's more dramatic but both are great, I don't have bubble bath but I think I'll have to get it!

  3. Hm...I'm not sure which I like best. The first, maybe? They both look great, though!

  4. Thanks for all your input~ I'm still undecided, but i think the one with more glitter wins :)

    @domesticgoddess: bubble bath is definitely a must have if you don't have a nice pale pink color that looks quite natural.


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